Meet Ana Congdon

Founder/CEO + Head of Brand Development

LeVert Beauty was born based on a beauty industry-experienced woman questioning what she knew.

Upon graduating with her Degree in Journalism and Public Relations, Ana began marketing and copywriting for San Francisco-based agencies, brands and publications within the beauty, tech and lifestyle space; eventually exclusively working with beauty and lifestyle companies coast-to-coast and internationally. 

Once becoming pregnant with her first child, she began to question the industry "norms," and all she had previously known, researched, written, supported and used within the beauty world when many of her everyday product ingredients were ‘not advised or suggested for pregnant women', which begged the critical question of what’s inside conventional beauty products and how that particular unregulated industry is effecting peoples health.

Enter, LeVert Beauty.

She created LeVert to do the heavy lifting, to do the vetting, for you. Ana curates LeVert Beauty with a very critical eye spending months carefully testing and choosing the best quality-driven products that eventually become LeVert approved. Her team and her care deeply about what works, what won’t harm you in the long-run, and what saves you frustration in order to tackle your days in genuine confidence (and if it looks beautiful on your bathroom counter, all the better!).

To us, beauty is separate from perfection. Perfection is a concept, one that changes person-to-person, we see through it, beauty through health and authenticity is where we are focused. We believe in feeling our best and therefore putting our most beautiful foot forward, which is why Ana and her team promise to deliver a very carefully curated selection of clean, non-toxic, luxurious products for the modern man and woman who enjoys life, isn’t afraid of a few laugh lines (they’re the best kind), and knows a thing or two about a life well lived, naturally.

Join us in rediscovering green beauty in the modern age. (hint: it’s incredible)