The Beautiful Oil

Kjaer Weis

$ 190.00

“Best Natural Serum & Oil” Glamour, 2018

Brand Seen In: ELLE, Vogue, InStyle, Marie Claire & More 

"Kjaer Weis will change how you think about organic makeup" - InStyle Magazine

“It’s going to leave you with a glow that comes from deeper than the surface of the skin.”

'The Beautiful Oil' brings an incredibly luxurious treat for your skin that awakens your skin’s natural luminosity. This nourishing elixir features Dioscorea Batatas, a biodynamically grown root that’s been called “The Root of Light”. Combined with a luxurious blend of wild rose, sweet almond seed, olive and jojoba seed oils, The Beautiful Oil does more than hydrate, it quite literally transforms.

Produced in Italy
CCPB Certified Organic
NO artificial ingredients, such as petroleum, parabens, artificial fragrance, petrochemical emulsifiers.
NOT tested on animals
Gluten FREE

Our Beauty Notes: This sizable (almost 2.2 fl oz) bottle comes in a luxurious, signature Kjaer Weis red box - and in our opinion - has just broke all the rules. This game-changing oil provides an all-in-one approach for hydration and (in true Kjaer Weis form) better makeup by its premise to create a glowing, hydrated skin perfectly primed for makeup application - and just as beautifully for those who prefer a 'no makeup look'. This will create a glow nothing short of perfection. 

To use: Warm up 5 or 6 generous drops of Beautiful Oil on the back of your hand. Apply morning or night to face, neck and décollété, being careful not to get oil into eyes. When using under Kjaer Weis Foundation or Cream Blush, wait 3-4 minutes for oil to absorb into skin before applying makeup. Store at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. Shelf Life: 30 months before being opened, 12 months after being opened.

Certified Organic: Of the agriculturally derived ingredients in this product, a minimum 95% comes from organic farming. Dioscorea Batatas: A bright white root with small white flowers and a subtle fragrance of cinnamon, it’s been called “The Root of Light”. For thousands of years, traditional medicinal practices have harnessed the vitality of this root to protect from environmental stresses and elevate energy and spirit. In the early 20th century, philosopher Rudolf Steiner explored the functions of this powerful root and believed the tubers stored a high amount of etheric light transferrable to humans, supporting both physical and spiritual health. Grown in biodynamic fields that have been additive-free for 15 years, the Kjaer Weis factory in Italy spent years developing a special harvesting method for the root, created to retain the powerful energetic qualities of this special plant.

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