Seasons Eau de Parfum Set

By Rosie Jane

$ 50.00

This stunning Eau de Parfum Seasons Gift Set offers the best-selling and new arrivals from By Rosie Jane, created for each season of Winter, Fall, Spring and Summer. Including Leila Lou, Tilly, James, Rosie & the NEW Angie. Perfect for sampling each scent, travelers and gifting.  

Includes all by/rosie jane fragrances: 

LEILA LOU notes of pear, jasmine, + fresh cut grass.
TILLY notes of grapefruit, gardenia, + coconut.
JAMES notes of gardenia, fig, + amber. 
ROSIE notes of nude musk + a hint of rose. 
ANGIE notes of honeysuckle, jasmine + fig.  

- Paraben FREE 
- Sulfate FREE 
- Phthalate FREE 
- Phosphate FREE
- Cruelty FREE 
- Made from recycled and recyclable packaging
- Made in CA Small Roller Ball Set. Contains 4 x 2 mL.

Our Beauty Notes: This is easily one our favorite sets to date. It allows you to sample each of the highly desirable parfumes, idea for trial or travel and the perfect gift for a friend, family member, traveler or holiday stocking stuffer. True year-round perfection. 

Video of Full Size By Rosie Jane 

LeVert Beauty gets ready with Leila Lou from LeVert Beauty on Vimeo.



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