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L'Huile for HAIR & SKIN

L'Huile (French for 'The Oil') is a unique blend of seven organic oils, combined at the perfect ratio to create the ultimate, multi-purpose nourishing treatment for the hair and skin. Selected for their moisturizing and varying penetrating properties, they work synergistically with one another to promote the optimal benefits to your hair and skin.

L'Huile oils are extracted without the use of any chemicals or solvents and most of them are cold-pressed. This delicate process preserves the oils' essential fatty acids, minerals and nutritional-rich properties, such as Vitamin A, B, & E, infusing the hair and skin with powerful antioxidant. L'Huile helps restor the natural hydro-lipid layer of the hair that has been damaged from years of styling, color treating and over processing. It deeply nourishes, softens and protects the driest hair. And because of its pure and concentrated formulation, a little goes a very long way.

Sourced from the most exclusive organic purveyors from around the world, including Morocco, Kenya, India, Israel and Mexico, their amazing natural aroma are brought out with a soupçon of Jordan's signature fragrance, creating the one-of-a-kind smell.

Designed Paris, Made in the USA.

OUR BEAUTY NOTES: Our promise is to align you with the best in luxury, non-toxic beauty - it's what we are all about. We couldn't wait to get our hands on this (now) favorite. This unique, luxurious hair & skin oil can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment to help manage dry, over processed hair, as an after cleansing routine, as a pre-pool or ocean treatment to protect hair from chlorine or sea salt and also on the skin as a deeply hydrating body oil moisturizer. The creator, Jordan Seban is a mastermind and we can't get enough! Use a small amount as this is one of the most powerfully hydrating oils we've come across - a little goes a long way. OUR TIP: Add to the bottom two inches of dry hair 'ends' or 'tips' before bed, sleep in it, and wash well in the morning to reveal incredibly hydrated and healthy hair.

Mult-Tasking Specifics:

Use L'Huile as a pre-shampoo treatment: For very dry or thicker hair, pour a small amount (dime size or smaller) into your hands. Apply on lengths and ends, brush it through. For a lighter pre-shampoo treatment, mix a small amount with your favorite hair mask. The longer you let it sit, the deeper the restorative effect. Follow with your regular shampoo and conditioner.

Use L'Huile as a hair protection: L'Huile is the perfect natural hair protector. To protect your hair against the harsh effects of chlorinated pool water and sea salt, apply a small amount on hair before swimming. Acting as the hair natural protecting layer, apply a few drops of L'Huile on lengths and ends before coloring or highlighting your hair to lessen damage and breakage.

Use L'Huile on the skin: On skin, this restores moisture and radiance to the driest skin. In just a few minutes, L'Huile is naturally absorbed in to the skin, leaving behind a satin-soft finish. Massage a few drops directly on skin for maximum nourishing power. Combine L'Huile to your body cream, moisturizer to enhance and deepen the nourishing effect or as a cuticle treatment 




1 Sweet Almond Oil * Prunus dulcis
Extracted exclusively from edible almonds, this luxuriously nutty oil is ultra-rich in Vitamin E and attributed to promoting overall hair and skin health.

2 Avocado Oil * Persea americana
Rich in saturated and mono-saturated fats, avocado oil easily penetrates the hair cuticle, providing support to and strengthening the hair fiber. Avocado oil is the perfect oil to help your hair retain moisture, as well as revive dry damaged hair from over styling and environmental wear and tear.

3 Jojoba Oil * Simmondsia chinensis
The properties of jojoba oil mimic that of sebum, the naturally occurring oil your skin and scalp produces. Jojoba oil acts as a hair protector, scalp moisturizer, and oil regulator.

4 Argan Oil * Argania spinosa
Also known as the Moroccan oil because of its origin, Argan oil is our multi-tasking miracle moisturizer that has been used for centuries for its unique benefits for the skin.

5 Macadamia Oil * Macadamia intergrifolia
Macadamia oil features one of the highest amount of omega-7 fatty acids compared to other nut oil, providing exceptional nourishment for the skin.

6 Shea Nut Oil * Vittellaria paradoxa
Light in texture and carefully extracted from Shea butter, Shea nut oil is more rare and features lighter, highly concentrated moisturizing properties than its well-known butter counterpart.

7 Safflower Oil * Carthamus tinctorius
Safflower oil features high amounts of oleic acid, making it light and easy to penetrate hair and skin.

Fragrance is derived from a blend of organic essential oils Neroli and Orange Blossom.

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