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MUD is a unique detox bath product with all natural goodness designed to improve your skin, detox your body and relax your mind. It's pure bathing bliss.

There are many reasons people may choose to detox and some include: 
1. Because you like to party like it's 1999
2. Because you insist on being connected 24/7 - even when attempting to disconnect (cue snapchat)
3. Because you can never say no to Sunday brunch, or that extra piece of dessert 
4. Because you're working ridiculously hard towards the weekend 
5. Because you enjoyed yourself a little too much on the weekend
6. Because you want incredibly soft and smooth skin
7. Because you just want a decent night's sleep
8. Because you deserve to be pampered
9. Because you wouldn't mind chillin' out, maxin' relaxin' all cool

If one or more of the above is relevant, stop messing around and dive head first into MUD. 

Our Beauty Notes: Long girls weekend or not - this detox delivers! We instantly felt relaxed and you can literally feel the bath water pulling at you. We feel healthier just talking about it. 

Cupcake anyone? 


How do I use MUD? 

  1. Mix. Pour half the packet (100gm) into a small plastic, glass or ceramic bowl.  Gradually add 1 cup of warm or hot water and start mixing with the wooden spoon to create your MUD mix.  Once the lumps are gone add your mixture to your bath tub. Say no to metal - any interaction with metal will interfere with the electrical charge in the clay.
  2. Bathe. We know it may look scary but you have to be brave and bathe!  You'll thank us for it later.  Soak up the goodness of mudder nature for approximately 20-40 minutes.  After your bath have a quick rinse under the shower to wash away those toxins (now's the time to quickly wipe down the tub too). 
  3. Sleep. You will feel tired and relaxed after your bath so take it easy and have an amazing nights sleep.  You've earned it.
  4. Repeat. In seven days you will be ready to do it all again. Remember to stay hydrated before, during and after your bath.
How much MUD should I use? 
Use half a packet which is 100gm for each bath. 

How long do I bathe for? 
20-40 minutes is optimal bathing time.

How often should I use it?
Use MUD once a week, it is advised that you do not exceed one bath per week, give your 
body a chance to balance out.

Should I use moisturiser after using MUD? 
No. After your MUD bath your pores are all beautiful and clear, you do not want to clog your pores with
moisturiser and chemical nasties. The ingredients in MUD have natural moisturising
properties so your skin should feel smooth and soft after your bath with no dryness or need
for moisture. You can put moisturiser on when you wake up the next day to extend the
smoothing properties of MUD and make your skin feel incredible. We suggest a natural,
organic body oil.

Does MUD go off? 
We recommend you use your MUD within 6 months.

Will MUD stain my skin? 
No. MUD is a water soluble clay which will wash away as you drain your bath. Have a quick
rinse in the shower after your bath to wash away those toxins.

Can I use it before I fake tan? 
You can fake tan the morning after when your skin is soft and smooth - fake tan will clog 
your pores so best not to tan straight after your bath. 
You can use MUD to help remove fake tan, just take your body buffer into your MUD bath 
with you 
I think I am allergic to MUD!?  
Always test new products on a patch of skin before using. If you have an allergic reaction 
seek medical advice immediately and please let us know so we can investigate the issue. 
Can I use MUD if I have eczema?
Yes, the ingredients in MUD have soothing properties for people with eczema, let us know 
how you go and share your results on instagram with @mud_co #clearasmud 
Remember to try MUD on a test patch of skin before using to ensure your body likes it. 

Does MUD help with skin problems like psoriasis, eczema and acne? 

Absolutely, MUD has beautiful ingredients cleverly combined to help alleviate your skin issues. We always recommend doing a patch test on your skin before using this product. 

I have sensitive/dry/oily skin, will MUD aggravate my skin?
MUD has been tested on all skin types so it shouldn’t upset your skin however we always recommend doing a patch test on your skin before using this product.

How long will it take to feel results?
You will feel results immediately after your bath. You will notice you feel incredibly relaxed and sleepy after your bath, you will sleep soundly, you will have smoother looking skin and your body will feel incredible the next day. 

What if I break the seal on my packet? How should I store it?
Store MUD in a dry, airtight container away from natural light or anything that could make the product damp. MUD will be fresh for 6 months. 

How many baths do I get in a pack?

There are two baths per pack. 

How much MUD is in the packet?
200gm of bathing bliss. 

What happens if I get the powder in my eye?
Wash your eye out with plain tap or bottled water until all of the MUD has been flushed away. If your eye is irritated seek medical attention immediately

My clay has gone lumpy, how do I fix it?
You may have added the water too quickly, drain the water and hold onto the clumps.Mash the clumps in your hands and slowly add more water to your bowl to make a paste then add the paste to your bath. 

Is the clay safe for children?
MUD is an adult’s only product. 

Is the clay safe for pregnant women?
No. MUD is a detox product so we don’t want to interfere with the beautiful circle of life, save your MUD experience for post birth… I have a feeling you will need it. 

Can I eat MUD?
No. MUD pies don't taste very nice, so please don't eat this product.

What happens if MUD touches metal?
Bentonite clay, a key ingredient in MUD, is negatively charged.  When the clay is mixed with water the clay particles swell and the electronic charge is activated.  If the clay touches metal the electronic charge is compromised and therefore your MUD will not be as effective.  Use a glass, ceramic or plastic bowl and the provided wooden spoon to mix your MUD for the best results.

How many times can I detox?
Once per week.  Do not exceed more than one bath per week as your body will not have a build up of toxins to purify.

Will MUD stain my bath tub?
No. MUD will wash away down the drain and leave your bath spotless.  

Will MUD block my pipes?
No. MUD is silky smooth and will wash away with your bath water - MUD comes from Mother Nature so it won't harm our oceans either.

Will MUD help me fight a cold?
Yes!  MUD will increase your circulation and make you sweat out those nasty germs.  Plus it will give you a great night sleep.  Be sure to stay hydrated before, during and after your MUD bath.


Bentonite clay targets toxins, chemicals and impurities.

Kaolin clay increases circulation and exfoliates.

Himalayan pink rock salt cleanses and smoothes the skin.

Sandalwood powder improves skin tone and reduces dryness.

Aloe vera powder moisturises and helps alleviate skin conditions.

Organic French lavender powder regulates sleep and promotes relaxation.

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