Agent Nateur N°4 Holi(Rose) Deodorant


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h o l i ( r o s e )
N°4 d e o d o r a n t

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SENSUAL and exotic blend of sacred sandalwood and heart opening rose. The smell is intoxicating and healing, while sandalwood is a pheromone it also acts as a natural deodorant, while the Number 4 derives its meaning from creation and it represents patience, trust, honesty and integrity. This beauty vibrates with passion, drive and mastery.

Both Shiva Rose and Agent Nateur perfected the deodorant for six months to release this beautiful scent and luxurious packaging as the perfect extension to an already cult-worthy brand. The premise of AGENT NATEUR d e o d o r a n t s are they formulated with only the finest ingredients including organic coconut oil, beeswax, sodium bicarbonate, avocado butter, sunflower butter, castor oil, raw organic honey and healing essential oils. The fragrance is beautiful and most importantly, AGENT NATEUR N°4  d e o d o r a n t  WORKS!

Our Beauty Notes: This is the most luxurious deodorant we've found, that's healthy and works effectively now with a stunning, subtly seductive scent. We tested the original through through Barre class, spin class and throughout the summer months to ensure that our LeVert Beauties get what we promise - effective, clean, luxury. This delivers the same effective power as the original with a lovely new, luxurious scent of rose and sandalwood. OUR TIP: People (us to!) sometimes have the tendency to add more product when somethings labeled "natural" and with this deodorant it's important to begin with less until you discover your balance to keep your clothes dry and deodorant free.  

Handmade in West Hollywood, Bottles Made in London. Large 1.7 oz


Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, beeswax, sunflower butter, avocado butter, castor oil, rose essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, love

  • Agent Nateur products are created with non-gmo, pesticide-free, food-grade ingredients available in order to be safe for those with even the most sensitive skin. If you have a history of sensitive skin or allergic reactions, please be sure to test body products on a small area inside your wrist for 2-3 days prior to using. Agent Nateur cannot guarantee that customers will not experience skin reactions to their products and cannot be held responsible should any occur.  If you are sensitive to baking soda, we recommend that you try an apple cider vinegar wash prior to using our deodorant.  Apply apple cider vinegar and warm water to a towel and wash your underarms before applying to equal out skins pH.

A little goes a long don't need much of Agent Nateur to keep you smelling luxurious throughout the day. Give yourself one month to transition from antiperspirant to this natural deodorant if you develop a rash. Sometimes irritation is a sign that the body is detoxing from the aluminum in antiperspirant and other times it's a sign that your body's PH is too high for the baking soda in the deodorant. Shave the night before applying it if your skin is sensitive and begin by applying to clean skin. 

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