Posted by LeVert Beauty on 2017-09-23

Digestible tips designed to deepen your overall well-being

Get Intentional

This weeks challenge is to hyper-focus on getting intentional with your well-being.

Why is this important?

While intention is defined as doing something deliberately, the kind of intention a we are focusing on for this weeks challenge is more mindful and based around our daily practices of health, thoughts and feelings that may be interfering with optimum happiness and health (well-being).

We’ve been there. And we’re assuming we’re not alone.

“Whether consciously or not, everything you do begins with intention. Learning how to make conscious intentions goes hand-in-hand with realizing your deeper purpose and puts you on a path to living with more meaning and present moment awareness.” – Mallika Chopra

We see it like this: living your best life takes small yet consistent efforts toward your ideal big picture. Whether that’s finding love, strong and steady health, more abundance or simply more joy. There’s an energy there that radiates when thoughts and actions are aligned.

So that beign said, lets dig into our top 3 (baby step) suggestions for daily intentional living and being our best selves:

First, practice genuine gratitude every morning. Take three minutes to write down gratitude practices and as you get ready for your day, say them aloud to yourself such as “I am grateful for my loyal friendships”, “I am grateful for my partners patience”, “I am grateful for avocados (us too)”, “I am grateful for the roof over my head”, “I am grateful for Bravo” seriously, anything you might be grateful for that gets you in the right state of mind. Say it! Feel it! Continue to say as many as needed over and over until you begin to feel a positive mood shift to begin your day on a higher energy level.

Start meditating. Do it. Keep breathing through the fidgeting. Get uncomfortable. Grow. Enlighten. Destress. Balance out. Live longer. Just try and keep trying. Team tip: we found it most helpful to be guided to learn how to meditate allowing more freedom to go slow. Courses such as MindBodyGreen’s Classes, in particular this class by celebrity meditation instructor here and this class specifically for anxiety, as well as the Oprah’s & Deepak Chopra Meditation 21-day Meditation app. We also suggest attempting when you’re most attuned whether that is first thing in the morning, after exercise or movement or just before bedtime. Find your rhythm and be grateful everyday for your efforts to learn meditation.

Third tip for this weeks challenge of getting intentional is to ask yourself this question before making any and all decisions for the next seven days, “Does this (decision, thing, situation, relationship and so on) bring me closer to my best version of me?”

These digestible tips are here to support your overall well-being and happiness and allow you to create a conversation around yourself .

Tell us how you live more intentionally and if you have any suggestions, topics or well-being leaders you’d like us to interview for any upcoming Weekly Wellness Words, please comment below!

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