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*Originally seen on The Stripe, for full article head to Here is the breakdown of her favorite picks from LeVert Beauty* 

“We really need to talk about MAY LINDSTROM. I’ve been dying to try her products for some time now and got to experience two of them… both divine.


First up is THE BLUE COCOON. This stuff is magical. At first I thought it was a mask, or maybe a cleansing balm… because it’s blue. Wait. I’m supposed to spread this blue stuff all over my face and… just leave it there? Yes. Yes, you are. I promise it won’t turn your skin blue. You apply just the tiniest amount after cleansing + serum (before bedtime, I find this to be too heavy for daytime). The balm transforms to an oil upon coming in contact with your skin… and it is incredibly soothing and amazing on irritated skin. For me, it’s perfect this time of year when the cold air makes my skin red + angry. It’s like Xanax for stressed skin. Positively dreamy.

The other May Lindstrom product I tried might just be one of the sexiest beauty products I own. Meet THE GOOD STUFF. It’s a radiance oil which LeVert describes as “liquid sunshine.” It’s a body oil, infused with cocoa, rose, lavender, and ylang-ylang… plus golden minerals for the most beautiful, dewy glow. I applied this all over my body after a cold winter day and was blown away by how good my skin looked. Dewy, radiant, 100% glowy. One of the best products I’ve tried this year.


Next up is my new favorite skin serum… THE VINTER’S DAUGHTER. This one is no joke and has gotten quite a bit of buzz – I’ve seen it featured in so many of my favorite beauty magazines. The formula contains 22 active, organic botanicals to increase radiance, fight aging, stimulate cell turnover, maintain elasticity, strengthen capilaries, and so on and so forth. It’s amazing. I can’t speak to its anti-aging abilities, but when I apply it, my skin glows from within. This serum is literal proof that natural skincare can still be (ultra) luxurious.


Last but not least, THE DIGITAL DETOX BATH. I’ve long been a proponent of detox baths, so I was very excited to try this one. It’s made from pure, raw, vegan ingredients and helps to both detoxify and reduce muscle tension. Living clay actually helps to extract toxins from the body to help heal and revitalize. Most importantly, (I swear) it leaves your body feeling tighter, lighter, and slimmer. Like an instant juice cleanse… without the juice. Do it the night before a big event. You’ll sleep like a baby and feel amazing, slim, and revitalized the next day.” – Grace Atwood, The Stripe

Grace is a favorite of ours, too! She’s a wonderful person, blogger and trendsetter, so naturally as long-time fans, it’s a huge honor to have her as a LeVert Beauty. To find more Grace Atwood head over to The Stripe for daily fashion, beauty and lifestyle bits.


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